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Monday Oct 05, 2015
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Highland Park 25 Year Old Cask Strength

Highland Park 25 Year Old Cask Strength
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Highland Park 25 Year Old Cask Strength

First released in 1998, Highland Park 25 Years Old is a phenomenal whisky; it has a rich amber glow and an unmistakable taste of smokiness and heather honey with, as you would expect from Highland Park, a hint of peat.

The remarkable complexity of this whisky is due in part to the fact that half of it is matured in first fill Sherry casks. These are very expensive and generally used sparingly in the industry. However, they impart maximum flavour; Highland Park 25 Year Old proves it.


  • Volume: 750 ML
  • Category: Vintage & Rare, Single Malts
  • Distillery: Highland Park
  • Region: Islands
  • Age: 25 Year Old
  • ABV: 48.1%
  • Availability: Discontinued Item
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Discontinued Item
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Highland Park

Built: 1794. Current Owner: The Edrington Group. Production Capacity: 2,500,000 litres. House style: Famously desrcibed as an all-rounder, with a little of everything. If you haven't tried! Dating back to 1798, the Northernmost distillery in Scotland, Highland Park, is situated on the outskirts of Kirkwall the capital of Orkney. The distillery's pagoda roofed chimneys are put to good use, as Highland Park cuts its own peat which it uses for malting its barley on the premises. The result of the production process is a malt with a heatheriness and a gentle smokiness that maintains Highland Park as a firm favourite among whisky enthusiasts. Who doesn't like Highland Park?

Appearance: Natural colour; dark red golden, clear and bright. Nose: Very rich, mature oak; chocolate; fudge Palate: Full, rich burst of flavour; soft honey; nutty toffee. Finish: Rich, long and surprisingly sweet for its age. Add a drop of water to Highland Park 25 Year Old and enjoy an immense vanilla sensation with the characteristic honey sweetness developing into complex aromas of white chocolate, cinnamon, nuts and dark fruit. The finish is at once intensely sweet and gently smoky and goes on and on.

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