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Tuesday Oct 06, 2015
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Macallan 1841 Replica (MC700)

Macallan 1841 Replica (MC700)
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Macallan 1841 Replica (MC700)

Proof Number: 83.4 Macallan Malt Whisky of Speyside Proprietors Priest & Davidson The Macallan 1841 Replica. Filling whisky into glass was still uncommon in the 1850s, and The Macallan 1841 is one of the oldest surviving whisky bottles in existence. The bottles were free-blown, and may be identified by a slight swelling around the base, caused by the glass 'sagging' while it cooled. The glass was always very dark green or brown, owing to particles of iron in the sand used in their manufacture. Unlike wine, whisky does not deteriorate in a well-sealed bottle, and such changes as do take place are small and subtle, so long as the bottle is properly stored. So the contents of sealed bottles are more or less the same today as when the bottle was filled. The temptation to find out what The Macallan tasted like 150 years ago, bearing in mind that the 1841 will have been matured for eight to ten years, was irresistible. The original 1841 was nosed and tasted by The Macallan's Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, and his team.


  • Volume: 700 ML
  • Category: Vintage & Rare, Single Malts
  • Distillery: Macallan
  • Region: Speyside
  • Age: Not specified
  • ABV: 41.7%
  • Availability: Temporarily out of stock
Temporarily Out of Stock
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The Macallan Distillery is probably one of the most famous brands in the whisky industry today. The distillery is three miles from Craigellachie which is the heart of the Speyside region. Even though Macallan is located in the heart of Speyside they have labeled it a Highland malt. The distillery was founded in 1824 and was named the ‘Elchies Distillery’. Macallan has 8 wash stills and 18 spirit stills and produces around 8,000,000 litres a year. In 2001 Macallan opened up a new visitor center. The tour that Macallan provides is very in depth and is great if you are just starting out and learning all about whisky. It shows all the processes and the maturation all the way down to microscopic slides so you can understand what happens. It is worth visiting.

The nose is nice, malt, sherry, (perhaps orange oil?). But the palate subsequently defies this nice start: an initiation of raisins/fruitcake so typical of Macallan. Old wood/cork note. The lingering finish is very dry and astringent.

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