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Monday Oct 05, 2015
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Makers 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky

Makers 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky
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Makers 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky

After the oak staves are affixed to the inside of the barrel, the mature Makerís Mark goes right back into it Ė for at least several more months. Like Makerís Mark, Makerís 46 is not aged for any specified period of time Ė itís aged to taste. They simply let grains, wood and nature take care of the aging process. When itís ready, the tasting panel knows it. Only after it is considered perfect, is Makerís 46 bottled, corked and dipped.


  • Volume: 750 ML
  • Category: Bourbon
  • Distillery: Not specified
  • Region: Not specified
  • Age: Not specified
  • ABV: 47.0%
  • Availability: In Stock
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A bit stronger and bolder than the original Makerís Mark, Makerís 46 has a rich, creamy seared-oak flavor. Caramel and vanilla notes linger on the front of the palate, but it is still soft enough to hold on the tongue, even at 94 proof. Featuring a big mouth-watering oaky finish, Makerís 46 still manages to retain the essence of its predecessor Ė thereís no bitter bite often found in older whiskies. One taste and youíll be a true believer.

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