English Whisky Co. Peated Single Malt 60.9%


The English Whisky Co. Had its first distillation in 2006. And is the first distillery in decades calling England ‘home’. There has been one or two followers since the first distillation, as craft production is taking its steps towards worldwide growth. Located in Norfolk, this distillery sits in the middle of rolling farmland, and forests. The owners, the Nelstrop family have had a long history of farming grain, dating back many hundreds of years.
They decided in 2005 to submit an application for a distillery. Which was approved in 2006. And with the hiring of the right people, and using the best ingredients you can get in the UK, they started the production.
They have released many different styles, and finishes, including the sherry and the rum finishes. on top of this they produce both peated and unpeated single malt. It is a fantastic distillery with tours available daily. And an excellent shop. Without further ado lets taste it.


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  • Volume: 750 ML
  • Category: English Whisky, Independent Bottlers, Single Malts
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  • ABV: 60.9%
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