John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum Liqueur


Falernum is Barbados in a bottle. This exotic, aromatic liqueur was invented on the island in the early 1800's, when natives made it at home by steeping lime, ginger, almonds, and cloves in Barbados rum. In 1890, John D. Taylor refined this folk recipe into an award-winning liqueur that became an essential ingredient in tropical cocktails and Tiki drinks. 


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  • Volume: 750 ML
  • Category: Liqueur
  • Distillery: Not specified
  • Region: Not specified
  • Age: Not specified
  • ABV: 11.0%
  • Availability: In Stock
Ratings & Reviews

Best Falernum

I have tried many falernums in the past. The best was supplied by Sazarac company who no longer carries it. This falernum is close to 98% the same as that which was carried by Sazarac. Don't bother with Fees or DaVinci's They just don't make the grade.

Posted by Lawrence Ghirardi on Dec 23, 2018

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